We are providing a consultancy service of Electricity duty Exemption in Gujarat state. Electricity duty Exemption is available in Gujarat state for New as well as Additional Industrial Unit. Gujarat government gives exemption in paying electricity duty to varies consumer in different condition for different provides.

1. New Industrial Unit

If any unit in the State starts generating electricity for the first time by obtaining electricity from any source (from supplier / self power generation or other supply), the eligible “New Industrial Unit” under the Act is eligible for exemption in electricity charges on their industrial power consumption for five years from the date of production. In this regard, the unit has to Apply within 90 days from the date of production.

Electricity Duty Exemption

2. Additional industrial unit

If an “Additional Industrial Unit” is set up by an existing industrial unit of the State and the additional capital investment for such additional industrial unit is more than 50% of the existing capital investment or such investment above Rs. 100 crore, the eligible “Additional Industrial Unit” under the Act Electricity charges on industrial electricity consumption used in such “additional industrial units” are waived for the year. In this regard, in the “Additional Industrial Unit” one has to Apply within 90 days from the date of commencement of production.

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